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Common sense investing, in a field where common sense isn't all that common.

Because it works.
Since launching in 1992, Cardinal Capital Management has demonstrated a deep commitment to our clients’ long-term investment success. Success in investing does not come from trading stocks, it comes from the ownership of great companies. We believe in discipline; we celebrate the importance of research and the power of patience in the selection and purchase of these companies. Our approach has been rewarded by a proven track record, and by the growing assets of a growing number of private and institutional clients.

We like dividend-paying companies
We invest in strong businesses. Strong businesses pay dividends and those dividends demonstrate a track record of growth and a reward to shareholders.

We value value
We are a value manager. We use a fundamental bottom-up approach when it comes to stock selection. Our portfolios are built with large-cap, high-quality stocks selling at below-average valuations.

We don’t look like the Index
We rely on thorough in-house research and a deep understanding of the economy to arrive at great ideas and informed decisions about companies to own. We build our portfolios with a small number of selected quality stocks. We don’t defer to the Index.

We follow research, not fads
We make our decisions based on solid research with an eye to the real value of long-term ownership of great businesses. We don’t get excited about the latest fads; we never have. Our internal research team is insightful, meticulous, patient, and passionate about gathering the best intelligence possible on companies with the potential to be in business for decades to come.