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What is Investment Counsel?

An Investment Counsellor, or Portfolio Manager, is a professional who offers continuous management of a client’s investment portfolio. Such people are professionally trained to select securities for the client’s portfolio that are appropriate for their circumstances.

Investment Counsellors like Cardinal’s Portfolio Managers are not paid commissions on account transactions, rather they earn fees based on the value of assets managed. Our people, therefore, have strong incentive to sustain and grow wealth for the long term and to minimize costs along the way. We study the market rigorously, advise clients effectively, and make prudent, long-term selections that will grow in value over time.

Investment Counsellors represent the “next level” of portfolio management for qualified individuals and families. For high net worth individuals and families, investment counsellors provide a variety of benefits including:
  • Individualized service based on an Investment Policy Statement
  • Advantageous fee structure (versus typical mutual fund solutions)*
  • Detailed reporting
  • Account monitoring


Cardinal is a member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada. (Formerly the ICAC)

*Average MER for Canadian equity mutual funds: 2.35% Median; MER: 2.42% (Source: Globefund, Dec. 31, 2014). Base fee for Cardinal private clients: 1.5%