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Institutional Investors: Introduction

Cardinal Capital Management is proud to be an emerging presence in institutional investing in Canada. By managing large cap, value, dividend-growing equity portfolios, Cardinal has grown its institutional assets under management by an average of 34% per year since 2005.

As your investment manager, Cardinal will consistently apply sound, conservative management and investing principles, and work with you toward achieving long-term success.

We provide professional portfolio management and investment counsel services for the following types of institutions:
  • Pension plans
  • Insurance companies
  • Foundations and endowments
  • Corporate resources
Cardinal provides investment counsel in the following asset classes:
  • Canadian equity
  • U.S. equity
  • Canadian fixed income
Our equity investment philosophy and process:
  • Fundamental security analysis – bottom-up stock picking
  • Dividend-paying – stocks must pay a dividend with an expectation that the dividend will increase
  • Large capitalization value focus – greater than $2 billion and P/E less than the benchmark
  • Focused portfolios – generally 20 to 25 stocks in an equity class
  • Benchmark sectors – we are not compelled to invest in all the benchmark sectors
  • Segregated securities – direct ownership of securities by clients; no pooled funds
  • Low-turnover portfolio – generally 10 to 15% turnover per annum
Fixed-income investment philosophy and process:
  • High quality – investment-grade securities only
  • Risk management – primarily used in balanced mandates to reduce risk
  • Segregated securities – direct ownership of securities by clients; no pooled funds
We offer competitive institutional investment counsel fees, easy access to our personnel, and a track record of success using a consistent and disciplined investment approach that has been fine-tuned over two decades. Cardinal Capital Management is pleased to accept requests for proposals. To discuss your RFP or Cardinal’s approach to institutional investing, contact Evan Mancer or Terry Wong at 1-800-310-4664 or