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Client Reporting

Four times a year, our clients receive a comprehensive portfolio statement, along with our client newsletter, The Cardinal Quarterly. Statements may also be accessed from the Client Portal on our website.  We are pleased to provide clients with the option of receiving all of their statements in hard copy, online, or both.  With client approval, referring advisors may receive copies of reports and all other communications from us. 

Clients also receive monthly statements and trade confirmations directly from the custodian, where their accounts are held.  Cardinal clients may choose to use either NBCN or Credential as the custodian for their accounts.  Clients may also request another custodian be considered.  

Clients may access their account details online from their custodian and receive all of their statements and confirmations electronically.  

To view accounts held with NBCN, go to NBCN MyPortfolio.

To view accounts held with Credential, go to Credential CSI Online.